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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forgiveness is essential.

Up early. Thinkin about this and that. Im having a bit of a hard time lately dealing with myself on forgiveness. I feel like I have a way to go to pass the test on how to forgive and let go. I dont have a problem forgiving others. I can actually do that quite well. But it's forgiving MYSELF that seems to be the tricky thing to do these days. I thought I had already done so. Smh. Not quite. Anytime i can think about a certain situation in particular and start crying instantly....yeah. Im still mad at myself.


Forgiveness is essential for ANY and EVERY relationship. If u cant do it, just be content living life alone. Forgiveness of self is the most important because you really dont have a choice whether or not to deal with you.

Im tryin....


  1. I dig your blog! found it via A Brown Girl Gone Gay. I love the answers your provide..wisdom! :)

  2. Thanks Retro! I try to keep it genuine and entertaining :)

  3. Asking for forgiveness is sometimes as hard as giving one. I guess that's nature's way of keeping things balance...