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Sunday, November 6, 2011

If you're gonna be a fool...

Up listenin to Cee Lo and Melanie Fiona's 'Fool For You'....that shit goes so hard. It's an ode to real R&B, for real. It's also an ode to that kind of love that creeps up on you and then refuses to leave. Even once it seems like maybe the relationship has run its course, the LOVE just wont fall back.

What do you do?

Do u wave a white flag and surrender to the feelings? Some people are just magnets towards one another. How do you stop that chemical connection? Maybe you cant. Maybe the more you try...the deeper you fall...even if you know it's not safe to do so.

All i can say is If you're gonna be a fool, make sure the person is worth it in one way or another and enjoy the ride.

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