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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New year, new shit

Okay so it's not officially the new year yet but...close enough. Some may or may not know, but I have two other blogs that I tend to fairly often. Well, one I tend to often- The Rainbow Room. The other one is more of an any way the wind blows personal blog of mine where I rant and rave in typical emo/schizo fashion whenever I feel the need. Anywho, I noticed a pattern over at The Rainbow Room. Over the last year or so, the majority of my posts have been about relationship issues [drama]. And since The Rainbow Room is a space dedicated to all things LGBT, most of my beautiful followers are all lgbt fam. But then I had a light-bulb moment. STRAIGHT PEOPLE HAVE ISSUES TOO! Yeah, you didn't know that? Probably not, since they act like they don't. *eye roll* But I digress...also I feel as if I've cluttered up The Rainbow Room enough with all of my jaded cynicism about love and relationships SO with that said, I decided to create a shiny new space for the cup of bitterness to runneth over!! :-)

And here it is.

Seriously though, I love conversing on matters of the heart and I have lots of advice that I love to give but can't always easily take. [Don't we all?] If you aren't familiar with my blogging style, just know that I break it all the way down and I tend to dig painfully deep= No cupcake icing over here. [sugarcoated shit went out last year, sorry] I also love & crave feedback, topic suggestions and friendly but passionate disagreements so... join me??

p.s. It won't all be jaded and bitter, I promise. 0_o


  1. I love your writing voice and tone, and cannot wait to follow this blog. - love your admirer two bedrooms down.